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Volkswagen aims at offering vehicle-to-grid and plug-and-charge technology in 2022

In addition to manufacturing and selling electric vehicles, there is much more to the EV revolution. It is also crucial to have enough charging infrastructure to accommodate all of the EV drivers. 

Volkswagen announced some of the technological advancements it expects to give customers by 2022 in a news statement issued this week. Take note that these enhancements will be available to current owners as well as those who purchase an electric vehicle from Volkswagen later this year, thanks to the new, modern world of over-the-air software updates (OTAS). The Multi Level Marketing Software Demo from Volkswagen is to ensure that an electric vehicle is capable of being a customer’s primary car without any compromises. That is why we are building a complete charging ecosystem, with residential charging solutions and a rapid expansion of the fast charging infrastructure as well as competent advice, comprehensive charging tariffs, and the right fleet solutions for business customers,” says Elke Temme, head of the charging and energy business division at Volkswagen Group Components.

Volkswagen claims to be the world’s first high-volume manufacturer to provide its consumers with a common, seamless infrastructure for charging their electric vehicles, according to the company. We Charge will provide improved performance, simplicity, and sustainability with the introduction of new charging solutions for home and mobile devices, as well as additional functions for the firm’s ID. Branded models and bidirectional charging, according to the business. 

In order for an electric vehicle to be a primary automobile for its owner, no compromises must be made, according to the company. In order to meet this need, we are developing a comprehensive charging ecosystem that includes residential charging solutions, rapid expansion of fast charging infrastructure, competent advice, comprehensive charging tariffs, and the appropriate fleet solutions for business customers,” says Elke Temme, head of the charging and energy business division at Volkswagen Group Components and CEO of Elli. 

Moreover, we have a well defined strategic goal. Ultimately, we want to make it possible for the batteries in our electric vehicles to be used as flexible and movable energy storage units on the energy market. Such energy storage alternatives are critical for boosting the percentage of renewable energy sources in the energy mix. 

Multi Level Marketing Software Demo

Plug & Charge 

Those who own Tesla vehicles have an account with the firm that is tied to a credit card. Are you looking for an adapter for your charging cable? Go to the Tesla store and place your order. It will be charged immediately to the credit card on file. Do you require the use of a Supercharger? Simply plug in, and the system automatically recognizes who the car belongs to and charges the cost of the charging session to the card that was used to make the purchase. There’s no hassle or fuss. It’s simple, seamless, and completely hassle-free. 

Charging At Home 

Automobiles with the Volkswagen ID. The logo may already be charged in the garage at home using a simple charger or one of two internet-connected chargers that Volkswagen has made accessible. It will then be feasible to do bidirectional charging with the use of a Home Energy Management System. 

This system will be capable of controlling how much power is given to the charger in order to take advantage of the lowest available electricity rates. Drivers will also be able to charge their automobiles more easily if they are utilizing electricity provided by their own rooftop solar system.