What do you think are the affiliate marketing Malaysia in trends that are going to be so popular this year? Some ideas include the implementation of machine learning and how it could potentially affect the SEO performance of the publisher’s website.

Or, with the rise of more than capable smartphones, is it possible that the traditional means of using a search engine be completely replaced with the use of voice search?

Well, there are top affiliate marketing trends that may become quite popular in 2020.

Voice Search is Going to Be a Thing

There is part of a good affiliate marketing strategy is to make sure that your own blog or website is SEO-friendly. That means that you use different sets of keywords that are relevant to the content that you put out, as well as the products that you are advertising.

Since we are slowly veering away from traditional searches in favor of voice search, publishers or affiliates will have to make use of long-tailed keywords in order to improve their SEO, since these keywords are more likely the string of words that people use when they use this particular feature.

The Regulation of Influencer Marketing

With the increasing popularity of social media as a great platform for marketing, it is only a matter of time before companies search for influencers to help them market their products to a much wider audience.

That being said, the FTC and other market watchdogs are now thinking of imposing guidelines that will help regulate influencer marketing to a certain degree. Perhaps, toning down on unethical practices is one of the mandatory things that influencers must take into account.

The Push for a “Mobile-First” Initiative

Google has changed its algorithm to favor websites that are optimized for mobile devices, as well as their desktop counterparts. With this in mind, affiliates who want to gain more traction would have to make sure that their website adheres to this new standard; making sure that their platforms are well-optimized for smaller devices.

Going Beyond Traditional Marketing Platforms

For the most part, affiliates usually use Google and Facebook as their main marketing platforms of choice. However, concerns with data privacy and collection have made them shy away from the said services.

Instead of relying on Google Ads, for example, more and more people are looking into Bing and other related services to start their online marketing campaign. So long as more and more people are using alternative websites, the rise of new players in the niche will be inevitable.

More Visual Content

With the rise of popular streaming sites like Netflix and Youtube, more and more people are now consuming audio/visual content rather than the written word. Having said that, publishers will have to come up with new ways to entice their audiences to consume what they have to offer.