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The evolution of cars has come a long way when it was created many many years ago. The first true automobile was created around 1885-1886 by Karl Benz in Germany.


The creation of cars has been a blessing to all of us. Back then, it will take hours for short distance travel. Now, the new form of transportation has allowed folks to get to more places in a shorter time. Thus, travelling became something that ordinary folks could afford.



The early invention of cars saw cars being powered by electricity and steam. So, the concept of electric cars is not new. The early form of “vehicles were powered by steam. It was the same type of energy that was used to power trains for many years. In 1887, steam vehicles were used for small vehicles as it is seen to be more practical. Despite great improvements, there were still a lot of setbacks as steam-powered vehicles took a long time to start and the travel range was limited.


Then, in 1886, Karl Benz decided to introduce a vehicle powered by a gas engine. Thus, seeing what we have now is due to Karl Benz’s creation.


The automobile industry greatly improved in terms of producing the latest technology. Most notable with Nazi Germany and its automobile industry as Hitler wanted the industry to build more tanks and battle vehicles, and also a car that the common people be able to afford. Not just Nazi Germany itself, many other automobile industries in other parts of the country also had to manufacture military items for the soldiers to use during the war.


Modern Cars

Now modern cars are much more complex and technologically advanced compared to how it first started in the beginning. Additionally, the safety features in modern cars have greatly improved with the integration of seatbelts and airbags. Nowadays, there are now GPS integrated into cars. There are also fancy features like power-steering, an Anti-lock braking system and traction control. Some cars also have integrated touch screens in the car, to make menu navigation so much easier. Albeit, these systems are normally present in high-end cars. Different car manufactures vary. With cars being in great demand, more cars are needed to produce. Thankfully, with Malaysia factory automation, they are able to produce cars fast and efficiently.


With the call of protecting the environment, some car manufacturers introduced hybrid cars, a combination of combustion engines and electricity. Electric cars are beginning to gain popularity as well. However, the technology for electric cars still needs some improvements, although it is much better than before. Electric cars can travel as fast and as far as a combustion engine car. The only downside of electric cars is it takes extremely long to charge the car.



Automobiles have been a great addition to our daily lives. It has become part of our daily lives that we seldom stop and think about how it shaped and greatly impacted the world we live in. Automobiles have made travelling so much easier, and also make travelling faster as well.

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