Sprinkler systems are automatically activated when a fire breaks out and, by spraying water, extinguish the fire and prevent the spread of the flame. They are installed at the very ceiling of buildings, and water is supplied through connecting water pipes. The preferred installation of sprinkler systems is in hard-to-reach areas of potential fire, especially in public buildings.

The sprinkler hose and connection set (connection kit) of the fire protection system are flexible connectors. Flexible parts and design allow you to withstand any seismic vibrations (or movements, or displacements), as well as minimize labor costs.

The stainless steel corrugated hose’s flexible structure gives the following benefits: the hose is not impacted by external movements and can absorb seismic motions.

All systems benefit from the hose’s flexibility, which ensures their safety.

The mounting kit’s simple installation of the hose and sprinkler into the ceiling saves installation time and money by decreasing labour expenses and minimising pipe waste involved with cutting, tapping, and sealing pipe threads.

The sprinkler component of the hose is very simple to align and tighten to the desired point on the ceiling. Furthermore, the sprinkler side of the hose may be simply rotated and adjusted along the vertical axis thanks to the ingenious design of the mounting kit.

There is no need to adjust the position of the sprinkler when changing the alignment and ceiling level.

Flexible sprinkler hose malaysia provide high resistance to heat and temperature.

The system is highly resistant to the corrosive effects of water in the hose for a long time.

Purpose and scope: who, when and where uses

Flexible hose is part of a modern fire extinguishing system in residential and public areas. It is most in demand in the following industries:

  • Educational organizations;
  • Athletic facilities;
  • Municipal institutions;
  • Industrial premises;
  • Medical clinics and sanatoriums;
  • Warehouses;
  • Shopping areas.

Types of sprinkler lines

There are two types of eyeliner on the market today:

  • With steel braid ;
  • Without braiding .

In the first case, communications are more resistant to corrosion, they are recommended to be used in rooms with high humidity and aggressiveness of the environment. A liner without a steel braid is cheaper and has a shorter service life.

Benefits of flexible sprinkler piping

Due to their flexibility, the elements do not require additional equipment for installation, which simplifies and speeds up installation.

The threaded connection does not require welding, which makes it possible to install sprinkler systems in suspended ceilings of any buildings and structures.

The equipment is characterized by high reliability, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, perfectly tolerates water shocks up to 16 bar.

For switching, brass fittings are used, which guarantees a high tightness of the system and excludes accidental leaks.

Due to the ease of installation, the installation of sprinkler systems is possible in small-area objects where it is difficult or impossible to carry out welding work.