Without a draftsman, no architecture firm is full.

The patient who precisely cuts out board, basswood and acrylic doors, windows and walls, and then assembles them carefully is a draft man. When the cloud is set, look at a model of a house that lets you diminish, so you can walk around the miniature city. All the pieces must be so precise to ensure their safety. Laser cutting makes everything so much simpler, of course. That’s just what Daithi Blair, based at his home in Massachusetts does.

Throughout his search for a laser cutting device, the urban designer discovered Ponoko that would make the architectural designs possible. Getting only a space throughout his apartment as his office was not enough space to cut, saw or almost anything too messy.

How would the creative process be represented by you? For most Ponoko users, this process is supposed to be a little different in my opinion, since I take Ponoko to the final product as a step. As far as developing the scale model is concerned, it usually begins with the use of the measurements of the components on your website to describe the look and feel of each laser cut piece and how to lay it out in sheets. This process usually takes several time to ensure that everything fits tightly together. I continue the assembly of the model once the materials have been returned to me.

How do you use materials?

I love MDF, I love chipboard. I prefer to be afraid of materials which might look like the materials on the building itself. I am trying to focus on the scale and proportion of the construction model and to dissipate the material characteristics of the structure. The main reason is that I often do not know exactly what materials are to be where on the building and as a drawing helps the viewer to envision possibilities, I prefer my layout, which allows the owners not to feel as if all is in stone. Even if I cut and glue stuff as a chipboard, it is much easier to correct any errors!

Have you got advice for other users? Make your way to exciting projects, particularly if you have little laser cutting skill. I’ve had my fair share of errors that could easily be prevented by teasing.