How’s your sex drive going lately? Are you that type of person that seems to want to have sex every night or are you that person that just wants to do it as a means of procreation?

Libido also more commonly known as a person’s ‘sex drive’ varies depending on the individual. It can be influenced by a number of different factors including gender, lifestyle, stress levels, relationship status, age, and a host of other things.

There are some stereotypes out there such as teenagers having raging hormones and all they can think about is sex, but believe it or not, libido actually varies from person to person. There are things that you can do to help improve your libido such as taking libido booster for men or making certain lifestyle changes, but what does it actually mean to have a ‘normal’ sex drive?

What is Low Libido?

Low libido is defined by a stark decrease in the desire (or need) for sex. Again, libido is unique in every person, but if you notice any changes in your desire for sex, then that could be an indication of an underlying problem.

People that are suffering from a waning sex drive may be suffering from medical or psychological conditions. Chronic illnesses and cancer are two leading causes of a depressed libido, thus sapping a person’s desire for sex.

Psychological problems can also lead to a decrease in a person’s sex drive. Depression remains to be the leading psychological cause of sexual dysfunction so if you are suffering from it, it would be best that you talk to a therapist as soon as possible.

People who are taking psychological medications like antidepressants might also feel that their libido is suppressed. That is because such medications are known to depress our sex drive as a possible side effect.

There are also reports stating that women who take hormonal birth control pills can also feel a decrease in their libido, although it is important to note that these reports are not substantial in the sense that some women are experiencing it and some are okay with the intake of such pills.

Hormonal Imbalance

Men who have low testosterone levels generally have a lower desire for sex than those who have healthy T levels. Women, on the other hand, are sporadic in the sense that researchers do not know which hormones are the cause and which are the effects.

Issues with Relationships

There are studies that show that people who are a victim of infidelity generally have a low sex drive. In other words, if the trust is lost, the desire for sex is also lost in the process.