This thing is standard, everyone has felt the same thing until experience teaches us about the true meaning of business. The business is not solely focused on selling goods and making money, but more on problem solving as well as determining the lifespan of your position in the market. Business starts with problems. From this problem, we can explore to find a solution and thus make a profit. For example, there is a village that has a slow water problem, so the solution is that we can sell a water pump machine to solve the problem. There are many branches to generate income among which people usually do. So, if you want to start business, please choose between these two:


1) BUSINESS – Which you need a product to sell to customers who need your product. Customers buy your product and you make money. Business is a good way to start you venturing. 


2) SERVICE – Where you use your expertise to solve other people’s problems. Customers use your services and you make money. Business and services can be done incidentally. It is not impossible if you work hard – your side income can match your main income.  There is a rise in service needs in the industry. 


Let’s take a look for the jobs that you can start business or freelancer; 

1. Graphic Designers 

First and foremost, graphic designing is a job which is very needed right now. In business many people want to show their business in style and want to post something on social media such as Facebook with an attractive design to attract customers to buy. But many do not know how to use photo editing software such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Lightroom. You can learn photoshop by starting from Youtube. Once you know how to use photoshop, you can already generate income! 


2. Create a Website. 

Did you know that giant companies are willing to pay tens of thousands to create their website to look professional? It can be a bit difficult to get a giant company job because you need a well-established portfolio. But why don’t you start a website for internet merchants? If you are good at creating a website, many people will come looking for you. If you can’t start a business, be a freelancer that creates websites then. You could even work for a reputable company of designers such as DZOO. DZOO is a Custom website developers malaysia that have a reputable portfolio. Visit their site to see the portfolio and then build your own. 


 3. Rent a Vehicle 

If your house is in a university area it is very easy for you to get customers. Most students do not yet own a car. Make sure you learn the ins and outs of this business with people who are already experienced. If it costs RM 1000 for one month and one year, there is already a profit of RM12000. 


4) Computer Service; Repair and Maintenance  

Nowadays, many people already have a laptop or computer. Many know how to use it but many do not know how to take care of it. In fact, some do not know that their laptop has become a “Virus Breeder”. Take this opportunity to learn laptop service and make it one of your sources of income. You can offer to offices in your home area, colleagues or university students.