1. Look for biased roulette wheels.

If you are a regular online roulette player, then you are already familiar with a biased roulette
wheel. This is a wheel with specific number, or some numbers which are hitting out of
proportion to their probability. To further understand this, you must study the roulette wheel for
thousands of spins. Those players from Monte Carlo who broke the bank did this!

2. Play for pure entertainment.

Roulette, just like the other online casino games in Thailand, must be played for pure fun and
entertainment. Don’t be in a rush to win things.

3. If possible, play a single-zero roulette wheel at all times.

This really is not a difficult proposition. Who wouldn’t want to play a single-zero roulette wheel
with a 2.70% house edge, and a double-zero with a 5.26% house edge? There is only one caveat
in this circumstance. If the single-zero roulette wheel has a bigger minimum bet, around 25 units
to a double-zero one with 10 units, betting 10 units would be a lot better.

4. Play within your casino bankroll at all times.

Just bet that amount you can afford to lose. If the player next to you is wagering thousands, then
clearly, he is royalty, and you shouldn’t replicate his strategy. Before heading out to the casino or
playing online, set a specific amount you are willing to risk.

5. Sit out on some important decisions.

The more playing time, the better it is for casinos. Consequently, the lesser you play, the better it
is for you and your finances. Plenty of casino gamblers know this rule. Make sure to sit out on a
decision once in a while to lessen eh hit of the house advantage on your own bankroll.

6. Find games with “en prison” or “surrender.”

These two popular terms accomplish the same exact thing. In those casinos that provide
“surrender,” each time odd/even, high/low or red/black hits, only one half of the bet is lost for
the reason that 00 or 0 appeared. The other one half is set to return to the player. “Surrender,” on
the other hand, cuts the house advantage in half. This is true of the American roulette game.
Instead of playing with a 5.26% house edge, the player only faces 2.63%.