There are many variations to the traditional game of poker. There are some that are fast-paced, there are some that would pool a team of players and battle against the dealer, and there are also video poker machines that will bring delight to more bashful players.

That being said, different forms of poker have emerged and are being adopted by major casinos all over the world, especially in Newtown Casino in Malaysia.

When we talk about the table-game variety, the house (or casino) typically has the edge over the players and the latter will just simply hope for the best possible outcome.

There is typically less strategy that is involved, but the games typically have a higher pay off, as well as the presence of some bonuses as well.

How to Play High Card Flush?

High Card Flush is just another variation of a typical poker game with its own set of rules (in conjunction with the standard rules of the traditional poker game).

The main objective of the High Card Flush would be to make at least a 3-card flush that will beat the dealer’s own set of cards. This variation of Poker uses only the standard 52-card deck and they are also similarly valued to that of a traditional poker game as well.

It is safe to assume that most of the players that frequently go to casinos already play some different variations of poker, including Texas Hold’Em and Seven Card Stud. In these games, the player is required to get five cards of the same suit to make a flush, but the premise of High Card Flush is that only three cards of the same suit are enough to constitute a flush. That is basically all you need to win the game. So, just sit down, buy some chips, and you are pretty much ready to go.

Every player will know exactly how much money to put in as a minimum wager since it will be clearly indicated once they sit on the table. But, unlike a typical game of Blackjack, you will be making more than one wager in almost every hand.

To begin, you will make your first bet in the Ante portion of the table and you will wait for the dealer to give every player their own set of cards. Once all of the cards are dealt, you can now have a peek of the cards you were given.

Because you are given seven different cards, the possibilities are limitless and you are pretty much dealt two cards of the same suit. But again, the game of poker (at least this type) presupposes that the more card combinations you can create (and the stronger its value), the better. If that is the case, you can make an additional wager in the “Call” circle.

If you have either a 2, 3, or 4-card flush, you should make an ante bet that is equal to your original wager. In the event that you get a 5-card flush, you need to double your ante wager, stat.