1. Establish a good relationship with your watchmaker.

Communicating properly with the watch company is crucial to watch maintenance. If you don’t want the timepiece polished, or don’t want some parts replaced, let them know. At some point, mistakes will still happen. What’s important here is that you have a great relationship with a watchmaker.

2. Maintain bezels and dials.

Most of your watch’s value resides on its dial. Thus, as much as possible, retain the original. Taking away the radium material can lessen the timepiece’s value. The same thing applies to watch bezels and crowns.

3. Look after watch movements.

Watch movements are the mechanisms that power a timepiece. You need to make sure that they are always working effectively. If some parts of the timepiece come in contact with moisture or dust, most likely, it will be damaged. The solution? An experience technician needs to fully dissemble it, clean it, and re-lubricate some parts, if needed.

4. Store the watch in the right places.

Dust and humidity are watches’ mortal enemies. You need to keep them in temperature- controlled, dry environments. Improper watch storage can result to rust. Keep them away from light. Though, signs of aging can increase their value.

5. Insure valuable watches.

Women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia are expensive and valuable. Once you get hold of your timepieces, don’t forget to insure them. They are portable and small, and are often targets of robbery. This is the reason why many people keep their collections in vaults and safes. Another important practice is to keep a record of photographs and serial numbers of the timepieces that you can share to authorities in case of a robbery. Submitting police reports would be easier.

6. Keep the original bracelets, as much as possible.

Original watch bracelets are valuable, and their value can increase overtime. At times, they offer crucial aesthetic features, like those made for Rolex and Patek Philippe. More and more watch collectors love to wear their timepieces with its original bracelets.