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Gambling addiction is a serious condition that needs to be treated and approached with caution, empathy and firmness. If you are a friend of a gambling addict and recognise that they may be in danger, then you need to be careful of how you approach and handle the situation. Many times, friends refuse to point out a problem, and if they do, they don’t do it with the right tactics and without judgment. Therefore, as a person who notices a friend in trouble, or who has been confided in , your role in their life is an important one. The point is that you care enough to want to see them change and thus, to help them do so you’ll need to do your best to be their support system.


Do Not Share The Information With Others

When you are approached, or you are sure that your friend may not be doing well and relying heavily on the thrill of gambling, you should not tell anyone and everyone about it. The best way to handle it is to talk to the person first and see how they respond. You earned their trust, therefore it does not help to break it because this may take them back down the road to dangerous gambling habits. Do not invite somebody else into the conversation until it is necessary. This may be the case later, but soon after you have learned about the new details of their lives it is best to keep it confidential. They may decide to let other people know soon.

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Do Not Be Judgmental

Gambling addiction stems from many things including depression and anxiety. What your friend needs is not judgment, because there is no way of telling what they might be going through and how they are trying to deal with their emotions. You may recommend that they do something about their problem, however when you offer a helping hand it is not from a place of superiority but from a place of genuinely wanting to help them. Do not criticise them or guilt-trip them. Stand by them as a solid and dependable structure that they can count on. Judging a person and their addiction, whether or not you have the full story, does not help their case, and it makes them retreat further into themselves and make it harder to help them.


They Will Most Likely Relapse

An addiction is not an easy fix. It is not like an illness that is cured once and may never show itself again. A gambling addict battles with the addiction for the rest of their lives, fighting their impulses until they are in a place where their triggers don’t affect them as much. The best thing to do is to be patient and continue to be their support system. It will not be easy, but at least they’ll have somebody through it. Help them stay away from online Casino Malaysia.