So, you’ve been breastfeeding your infant for about 8 weeks now and you’re pretty much getting the hang of it. But, as much as you do not want to leave your baby’s side, life gets in the way. For instance, you might have to get back to work or perhaps you want to go on a little bit of vacation after just having birthed a baby.

Whatever the circumstances may be that would warrant you to be distanced from your newborn, it is important that you still feed them with the milk that comes from your breast.

In order for you to extract the milk, you will need to be using a breast pump for that. After which, it will then be placed in a baby milk bottle so you can give it to your baby and have them suck on it as a feeding mechanism.

Just like baby milk bottles, there are multiple configurations for breast pumps and first-time parents might not know what is best for them.

So today, I am going to help you choose the right one for you.

How Long Will You Be Away?

If you are going to go back to work full-time, then that means that you want a breast pump that can give you the best possible efficiency, while also ensuring that your breast will not hurt while pumping.

To do just that, you want to get a powerful electric pump that not only is efficient in sucking some milk out of your breasts, but it also imitates the sucking action of your little newborn as well.

You just have to know, though, that these kinds of breast pumps are quite expensive, especially those high-quality double electric pumps.

If you cannot afford these pumps, you can go to your pharmacy and tell them if you can have the pump, provided that you pay them via monthly installments. An alternative would be to go to your baby’s pediatrician and also ask for their advice about where to get one of these pumps.

If you are just going to stay at home and you just want a couple of hours of reprieve from your newborn sucking on your breasts, then you can do away with a battery operated or single electric pump.

Just remember that if you are going for the single-pump, because it only comes with one suction cup, the time it takes to take some milk off of your breasts would be doubled. Still, this is a good alternative for women who cannot afford the more expensive pumps.

Using the Breast Pump

For you to get as much breastmilk as possible, you want to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and then pump your breasts in the morning where they are at their fullest.

To use the pump, find a place where you can relax. Next, massage your breasts until it is primed for pumping. It can help to put your baby at your side so that you can imagine the experience. If you are not at home, you can bring a picture of him/her and then imaging them sucking at your nipples. Then, just use the pump as per instructions.