Online slots review

Around 10+ years ago. If someone told you that you can actually earn money and make a living by playing video games. You would have thought that that person is out of their mind. Fast forward to 2021, it turns out that that person was right as you can actually earn money by playing video games. 

Back in 2011, there was one esports tournament called “The International 1” also known as “Ti1”. It was one of the first esports tournaments that offered a big prize pool to its participants. Because of its big prize pool, the tournament caught the whole world’s attention.

Online Slots

Online slots review

So first off, playing video games and playing online slot machines can be considered similar activities. Gaming is being able to play video games or interactive computer games. Playing online slot machines offer the same thing as it offers entertainment and it requires strategies and skills to play. Although it is not easy to win money by playing online slots. There is definitely an opportunity to win big prizes and bonuses according to online slots review.


Live-Streaming Video Games

Online slots review

Another way where individuals can seek extra income is by video game live streaming. There are a few sites that individuals can choose to stream such as:

  • Twitch (most popular streaming platform)
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Gaming

Although by streaming on the platform itself alone won’t let you earn any money straight away. You have to have a number of followers and a community only then you can start earning money. You earn money by donations (money), subscriptions, sponsorships, bits and so on. All of these apply to all types of streaming platforms, but the donation and subscription wise may vary across different streaming platforms. But typically, this is how it goes.


Video Game content creation (YouTube)

With YouTube being one of the biggest online platforms for video sharing. Many also do YouTube as a full-time job. If playing video games is your forte, without a doubt you can create video game content on YouTube. Although just like video game streaming, it is not easy to grow on YouTube as well. The market on YouTube is heavily saturated. In order to compete with your competitors, you must create something that no one has done it before. In order to start earning money, you need to have 1000 subscribers minimum with 10,000 hours of watch time. Besides that, you also need sponsorships or affiliate links to earn extra income if they pay by YouTube is not enough.



Last but not least, esports. One of the ways that you can earn money by playing video games is by participating in esports tournaments. The hardest part about this is that you need to be extremely skilful to play with the best of the best. Unlike content creation and live streaming, it does not matter that much if you are bad at that game as long as you are entertaining. Coming back to esports, the games you play is also one of the factors. If you play a game that is not mainstream, there won’t be any opportunity to have a major tournament unless the game becomes a niche.


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