The most basic definition of blockchain technology is a decentralised, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset. The data on a blockchain cannot be changed by design, making it a legitimate disruptor in industries such as payments, cybersecurity, and healthcare. There are many companies that are involved in blockchain technology. The following are a few blockchain malaysia company:



blockchain malaysia company

The company invests their expertise, know-how, and entrepreneurial spirit to give their clients’ ideas innovative interpretation and digital embodiment. The company strives to provide only solutions to clients while employing top IT talent to deal with unavoidable issues.

Evacodes recognises the blockchain development services market’s competitive advantage. This is just one of the many reasons why EvaCodes go above and beyond each and every time and with all their projects . This is also why the company continues to win contracts for mobile app and software development services. It is how EvaCodes keep their many clients coming back with larger projects while still meeting their sky high expectations.



To create a game-changing product, traditional software development and innovation must be combined.

MobiDev is an award-winning software engineering firm that creates both traditional and AI-powered Web and Mobile apps from the ground up, as well as integrates AI/ML components into existing systems.

The company provides their many clients with the assistance of a professional team in bringing their big ideas to life.



blockchain malaysia company

Unicsoft is a reputable technology consulting firm that provides AI and Blockchain solutions to help startups and enterprises achieve their highest goals. The Unicsoft team has extensive experience in the fields of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Blockchain, Big Data, Data Science, as well as Data Analytics. We help startups validate ideas, create an MVP, iterate toward product-market fit, and scale quickly. For businesses, the company offers technology consulting that includes developing business-led solutions and reactivating legacy systems to improve business performance and reduce inefficiencies. Unicsoft prioritises providing an excellent customer experience. The company accomplishes this through clear and timely communication, transparency in managing customer expectations, a well-managed development process, and a proactive and consistent team.

The company has over a decade of experience as security application developers and reviewers, and have been working with cryptocurrencies for the past five years.

Cryptocurrency, ICOs, Erc20, exchanges, mobile wallets, and other bitcoin-related concepts are just a few examples of what Infograins INC’s blockchain developers team can help businesses and individuals build.


Infograins INC

blockchain malaysia company

Infograins INC has a wealth of experience as a leading provider of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency solutions. Among other qualifications, the company has extensive expertise in creating and analysing security applications, a thorough understanding of Blockchain technology, and a thorough understanding of the cryptocurrency industry.


Blockchain is challenging the current state of innovation by allowing businesses to experiment with ground-breaking technology such as peer-to-peer energy distribution and decentralized forms of news media. The current uses for the ledger system, much like the definition of blockchain, will only evolve as technology evolves.