1. Driving Watch

Sports such as diving and flying deliver a masculine vibe that seems irresistible for many watchmakers. Driving watches must have chronograph complications. If you are looking for one, you may want to settle for Omega Speedmaster. It takes pride on having a tachymeter on its bezel, a basic device that measures speed.

2. Minimalist Watch

There are tons of men’s watches in Malaysia that you can pick from, so it’s normal to feel confused and overwhelmed along the process. However, if you are looking for a simple watch that you can wear on a daily basis, go for a minimalist watch. These timepieces are often run by quartz movements. However, brands such as Nomos combine modernist designs with their in-house automatic and manual movements.

3. Diving Watch

Diving watches are designed to work under the sea, and is characterized by luminous hands and dials, unidirectional bezel and rugged construction. Perhaps the most popular diving watch is the Rolex Submariner. It is also the first timepiece to work at an ocean depth of 100m.

4. Dress Watch

Those people who own dress watches consider them as valuable jewelry pieces. These kinds of watches are typically attached through leather straps, and are so thin that they can go unnoticed under a person’s cuff. If you are thinking of getting one, you need to treasure this, since most models are made from precious metals.

5. Aviation Watch

Aviator watches was first introduced to most people when Cartier created one for a pilot named Alberto Santos Dumont back in 1911. Breitling’s Navitimer can convey various details for pilots with regards to electronic navigation.