If you are running your own business, you know the value of having an online presence which is why you’re contemplating of putting up your own.

However, designing and creating your website from scratch is only a part of the equation as you will also have to think about getting the services of the top web hosting companies out there to host your website.

For the uninitiated, web hosting is basically a type of service that allows your website to be seen online by way of putting it in a server that runs 24/7. If a website is inaccessible, that is probably due to the fact that the server has crashed or that the website is not hosted yet.

Today, I am going to give you a definitive guide to help you choose the right web hosting plan for you and your business.

Different Types of Hosting

For you to know exactly what type of hosting plan you need to get, you must first be aware of what they actually are. Below are just some of the most common types of hosting plans being offered today.

  • Free Web Hosting

As the name implies, you do not need to pay to get the service. You basically have your website hosted on a free server along with other people’s websites as well.

That being said, there are many disadvantages to using this type of hosting plan. For one, you are unable to change your domain name completely as they will put their own suffix to signify that you are using their servers.

Furthermore, your website’s performance will be subpar at best simply due to the sheer number of other websites that populate their servers.

This is only ideal for people who want to test out their websites for the very first time or those that create websites solely for personal use.

  • Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the first paid hosting plan on this list. Think of this as getting your own room in an apartment. You will have neighbors in the form of websites and you are sharing basically all of the resources that are available within the server.

Although this is the most inexpensive option, it is a step in the right direction and should be considered by most people when they are still starting out.

Sure, you can use this for your business, but I would recommend the other options in this list.

  • Dedicated

If your business is already so huge that you are gaining a lot of profits, then I highly recommend that you get a dedicated web hosting plan instead.
In this type of hosting plan, you are given an entire server to yourself and you will be the one to use all of its resources as you see fit.

This also happens to be the most expensive of the bunch, which is why I placed the disclaimer at the start of the entry.

  • Cloud Hosting

By using interconnected servers known as ‘the cloud’, you are able to host your website in a variety of servers found in different locations all around the world.

Its performance varies depending on the company you are going to sign-up with, but for the most part, it is actually doing pretty good.

Which One to Choose?

For personal websites or those that do not require a lot of bandwidth and other resources, shared web hosting is actually pretty good. It doesn’t break the bank but you are still given all of the features that you will need.

For business applications, you need to consider getting a dedicated hosting plan since you will be given the complete freedom to do whatever you want. It will not hamper your performance at all since you will be the only one that will use the server. Of course, that comes with a steep price to match.

Cloud hosting can definitely be considered, but you will need to do your research first so that you will know which company deserves your membership.