There are so many amazing places to visit in Malaysia, particularly in Kuala Lumpur.

Since it is the country’s capital city, you can expect many tourist attractions in the area.
Whether you are going on a backpacking trip alone or having a party with a sexy escort girl,
there are certainly so many things you can do here.

Here are 7 of the must-visit attractions in Kuala Lumpur:

Petronas Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers used to be considered as the tallest building in the world,
but even though that title was given to something else, it is still one of the most iconic
landmarks out there.

It is definitely one of Malaysia’s amazing tourist attractions simply because of its
towering appearance, as well as it comes to life during the night.

You can either take pictures at the foot of the towers or you can head over to the sky
bridge where you can find an amazing view of the entire city.

The KL Tower

Also known as the Menara Kuala Lumpur, the KL Tower used to be a communications
tower and it is one of the tallest high-rise structures in the metro.

But, instead of just providing you with a tall view of the city from the viewing deck, there
is actually a restaurant inside the tower that not only provides some scrumptious meals
but also gives you a panoramic, 360-degree view of the entire Kuala Lumpur landscape.


Locally known as the Chee Cheong Kai, which is a name that refers to its tapioca-
producing roots, is now one of Kuala Lumpur’s busy markets.

You can find mostly cheap knock-off goods that are sold at dirt-cheap prices and the
good thing is that you can drop the prices even more if you want to know how to haggle
with the local vendors.

Jalan Alor

If you ask the locals where you can find some amazing eats, they will usually refer you
to the streets of Jalan Alor. This bustling city street transforms into a premier food strip
come 5 PM every day.

Here, you can find many hawker food stalls that serve up not only some local Malay
cuisine, but you can also find ones that are inspired by the Chinese, Indian, Thai, and
many more.

Foodies and people that expect to get fed should definitely visit Jalan Alor during

Rebung Restaurant

If you want to experience local Malay cuisine just like mom used to cook it,
Rebung Restaurant is the place to be.

This place is owned by celebrity chef, Ismail Ahmad, and it serves up mom’s home
cooking. If you want to dine in an affordable buffet restaurant, definitely consider this
place while you are in KL.

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

At the foot of the Petronas Twin Towers is the home of the Malaysian Philharmonic
Orchestra. The shows are usually held during the weekends but at certain times, you
can find some weekday performances as well.

Zouk Club

To cap this list off, the Zouk Club at TREC is the perfect end to a perfect day. This is a
premier nightclub where you can mingle, dance, and enjoy the rest of the night.

Here, you can find different local and foreign DJs that will bring the house down, but
there are also other music genres being played at the venue as well.