1. Selecting a timepiece that is too large for their wrists

You can pick out a classic timepiece with the finest watch complications, but if it doesn’t fit your
wrist perfectly, then you wouldn’t look good at all. Men’s watches usually range from 38mm to
46mm. Measure the circumference of your wrist, and check the perfect watch size for you. Those
pieces which are a lot smaller than 38mm normally fall into women’s watch category, and is
definitely too small for men.

2. Not considering the type of band

Feel free to experiment with different watch brands after purchasing your first ever timepiece. A
watch band can make or break an impression. Different bands would give you a lighter or
heavier appearance. Choose between metal, leather, rubber or plastic bands.

3. Spending too much on watch

Never spend beyond your means. Plenty of men’s watches in Malaysia would catch your eye, but
never give in to temptation. Consider your budget in choosing the right one. At the end of the
day, it’s just a watch. Your electricity and phone bills are more important. If you are on a tight
budget, why not consider a quality, nice-looking and affordable casual watch?

4. Getting a timepiece as an investment, not because you love it

Do you know that timepieces are some of the riskiest accessories to invest in? It’s because their
future is very unpredictable. You wouldn’t know if a specific style would increase value for the
years to come. Buy a watch because you love it’s style, and you love wearing it.

5. Not Wearing the watch you purchased

Many people are guilty of this mistake. Of course, you love that timepiece so much that you
don’t want it to get damaged or scratched during your everyday activities. You need to wear your
watch regularly for it work well. Just be careful about your movements from time to time.

6. Discounting the Quartz Movement

Quartz movements are affordable, but it doesn’t mean that they are low quality. Explore the
possibilities of owning one. Sure, mechanical watches are classy and expensive, and we are all
dreaming of getting one, though this is not the only cool watch in town.