1. Get your website’s local version up and running.

If your website doesn’t have local version yet, it’s time to make one now. Put this at the top of
your priority list. Having a local version is crucial for education and experimentation. Sadly,
many people make the mistake of overlooking this website tip. Tinkering locally can increase
your WordPress knowledge.

2. Use your web host.

Believe it or not, WordPress is a valuable source of useful information. Research on the top hosts
in Malaysia, and check which one is perfect for you. Whether you are a newbie blogger or an
experienced online entrepreneur, you must open your doors to more knowledge. Explore
WordPress. Navigate around different pages. The more you explore, the more knowledge and
tips you can get.

3. Use WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins are popular because they implement good marketing, and of course, they are
extremely helpful. Some of them can even be installed for free. Why not install some on your
platform for additional functionality? There are some plugins that you can afford to do without,
but others are crucial to your productivity.

4. Attend WordPress meetups.

Do you know that there is a virtual WordPress meet up in each major city? This means that there
are WordPress expert professionals that you can reach out to. Do you want learn more about the
WordPress platform in general? Are you looking for a web developer? Whatever it is you want
to accomplish, you can do so through a digital local meetup. If you can’t find one, it would be a
great idea for you to start one.

5. Use offline editing tools.

At this day and age, almost all of our tasks are already done online. However, some of the most
crucial work is accomplished offline. More and more creatives and bloggers love doing offline
work for more convenience. Afterwards, they just sync their outputs on WordPress later on.
There are tons of tools out there that you can use, and connect with WordPress once you are
done. Try MarsEdit. No need to paste and copy.