1. Get multiple quotations.

Choosing among the best architecture firms in Malaysia can be overwhelming. When picking the best professionals for your new building project, it’s best to ask for multiple quotes first before finalizing your decision. Through this, you can understand how competitive the entire industry is for architectural design work.

2. Talk to Previous Clients.

Ask every company for a client list. It’s best to interview some of them, and inquire about the kind of working relationship they have, and the quality of services they got with that firm.

3. Tour their own office.

Tour their office. Architecture companies would grab every opportunity in order to flaunt their level of expertise, creativity and design aesthetics. During the tour, look for some details that can tell you more about their design and personality preferences.

4. Give them a design challenge.

If your timeline is not very tight, and you have a budget, then make room for a simple design challenge. Design charrettes are design challenges meant to give inventive, creative results. Through this, you can see how architects flex their amazing creative muscles. Moreover, you can see how the company operates under quick deadlines.

5. Ask them about their other projects.

This can be a sub-point in understanding the constraints and scale of the company. If they have nothing on their plate at present, then your design project would be at the very center of their attention. If they have lots of proposals, your project might diminish.