One day, you said to yourself that you are going to put up your own blog. You have
plenty of thoughts and knowledge and you want to impart them and share it with the

You think about building your own blog and you are also looking to save money in the
process. So, you’ve decided to think about web hosting, but you opt for a free one
instead of an inexpensive hosting provider.
Let me stop you right there. I want you to read further to find out the common mistakes
of choosing a web host, especially when it comes to free web hosting providers.

You Make a Quick Search

A wise person once said that you should be asking the right questions. That is true,
especially when it comes to web hosting.

Most of the time, people would just go to Google and search for the top web hosts and
although the platform can provide you with some meaningful suggestions, the ones
presented are not really the ones that are great right off the bat.

That is why if you are going to search engines, it is best that you know what you are
truly looking for. Instead of using the keywords ‘top web hosts’, it would be much better
if you use ‘web hosting forums’ or ‘web hosting reviews’.

This way, you can gain valuable information from people who have actually used the
service before.

Falling for ‘Unlimited’ Plans

There are some web hosting providers out there that would entice people to sign up for
their service by using the word ‘unlimited’ in their services. The most popular services
offered with such a term is Bandwidth and Storage.

Now, I am not saying that they are not able to provide such, but what I am saying is that
do not fall for such tactics. It would be best that you still read their terms of service
before signing up so that you can verify if what they are offering is true or not.

Making Price as the Only Consideration

I know that price can be a determinant in getting any service that you want, but making
the price as the only consideration is a huge no-no. That is one of the reasons why
people opt for free web hosting services as opposed to affordable ones simply because
they think that they are saving money, but that is usually not the case.

Price can be a consideration, yes, but only after you’ve also thought about the other
factors as well (mainly the features that you want, their terms of service, etc.).

Always Going for the Cheapest

Going straight to buying the cheapest service that you can find is not bad all of the time,
but it certainly is when it comes to choosing your web host.
Now, this is not to bash on those affordable web hosting providers, but what I am trying
to say is that do not instantly fall for a company that promises the cheapest rates.
Cross-examine their statement by looking at reviews first before you bite the bullet.

Signing Up for an Annual Plan Right Off the Bat

There are some people that want peace of mind at all times (and who wouldn’t?), but if
you are going to get a hosting provider, do not easily sign up for an annual plan. Let me

You have to first use their service for a couple of months before you sign up for their
annual plan. Just picture this scenario: You’ve gotten their annual plan and when you’ve
actually used their service, you are not really happy with it. However, most annual plans
lock you in for a certain period of time, that is why it is imperative that you try the service
out first before committing long term.